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harap kirim surat lamaran beserta CV dalam bahasa inggris SEGERA dalam minggu ini ke email Welling Oei w.oei@umcutrecht.nl

salam hangat, Eko.

Researcher in Training w / v

Job Number

Julius Center / HTA

You have a strong affinity with the necessary knowledge of statistics,
applied mathematics and
informatics. You also have experience with programming, data mining
and / or data analysis /
visualization techniques. It is an important advantage if you are
familiar with relevant software. You have good communication skills.
Independent, you can manage well, but you also functions well in a
team. A result-oriented attitude is appreciated.

The Department of Health Technology Assessment conducted research into
costs and effects of
medical interventions to support decision making. For example, this
cost-effectiveness studies of clinical trials, but there are also
model studies with state-of-the-art modeling techniques. The
department focuses on a number of specific areas of expertise:
discrete-event modeling, value of information analysis, blood safety
models, stroke models and cost-effectiveness analyzes of national
screening programs. The department is part of the Julius Center (see
more about
information on the website www.juliuscenter.nl).

At this time, data on blood transfusions are not structurally
collected and analyzed. The PROTON2 study we want to change this by
setting a data warehouse which besides transfusion data from Dutch
hospitals also detailed data on the blood products themselves are
housed. Due to this combination, it becomes possible to determine the
cause of undesirable transfusion reactions, or other clinical outcomes
to link characteristics of the products, production or donors.
Furthermore, the results are used to control the blood for use in
different patient groups
of different hospitals to compare. The ultimate goal is to use the
hard data that the study yields PROTON2, safety and efficiency of
blood transfusions in the Netherlands to improve. You will help in the
design and construction of the data warehouse, perform various
statistical analyzes and will be engaged in the Solving methodological
problems in answering different
research questions. The research will you, as a PhD student, end with
a academic promotion.

The salary for this function ranges from 89-100% up to € 2700.00 gross
per month based on full-time employment (working week of 36 hours).
This is a temporary appointment for 3 years.

Apply or learn more about this job?
If you want to know more about this position please contact Welling Oei,
Junior researcher MTA, E-mail: w.oei@umcutrecht.nl or wellingoei@gmai.com


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